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Does anybody know where i can download endnote x5 software? I purchased the software from my univeristy bookstore about an year ago. They just provided me with the serial number and instructions on where to download the software from the web. There is no accompanying CD/DVD with the software.

My hard drive developed some issues so i had to reformat it. Now, I have to reinstall the endnote software again. The original link provided by my university is not working and it takes me to the site where i have to download X6 which i dont want to do now. Any search in the web takes me to all the illegal versions only. Is there any legitimate link from endnote to download the software only.

Your best place is to download the “update” for X5 which I think is a full installation and will ask for the correct registration numbers.  If that doesn’t work, you should probably call/contact Customer Support.  Here in the States: 


Tel: +1-800-336-4474, press 3
Submit a customer support request to contact the Customer Support Team

Thanks Leanne. Looks like it is just  a patch. It asks me to install the original software which i dont have. I might have to contact the customer services though.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Venkatesh,

We actually have an archive of installers (including EndNote X5) available at:

Hope that helps!

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Thanks, just what I needed.

Is it possible to download the installer for Endnote X7.0 (that is, NOT X7.1); as I have commented elsewhere, the search behavior of X7.1 is highly unsatisfactory, and I would like to use the original version on my new computer.

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