Purchasing Endnote X7 - Student Version

Is it possible to have Endnote X7 shipped to me, rather than downloading the program onto my computer?  When I see the student version of the software, it says that the program can be shipped.  However, when I am about to check out, it says I can only download it.

I think we can help with that.  X7 for Students is available on CD.  Can you tell me where you are trying to purchase it from?  That will help me find the problem.

I went to the “buy” section of the site and I noticed that the student version can be shipped for $113.95 and I proceed to click on the “learn more” button.

Which then finally brought me to OntheHub E-store (which is not a part of Thomson Reuters Community).  Then when I finally hit the student’s perpetual version of Endnote X7 (link) it says I can download it, but not purchase the CD. 

I currently have 16 days left of my 30 day trial, so I hope to get the CD soon! I am also located in Canada if that helps.

Thank you!