Drag and Drop PDFs - Mac 6.0.2

I often download papers to read them, and then decide I want to import them to Endnote.  Right now I have to go to import, and then figure out which of the crazily labeled downloaded PDFs I am reading.

I used to drag and drop the file into Papers, but I can’t figure out how to do this consistently with Endnote.  If I drag onto the Endnote application, a dialog box comes up asking me which database to import to, but there is nothing to select.  I think this is a bug.

It would be great if the developers would try to replicate real world usage and see where things break down like this.

So after 2 levels of technical support, and many emails, it turns out that you cannot import PDFs and citations with Drag and Drop or even open file dialogs if you have saved your database as a package.

Why offer the package option if its not fully supported?

For those having these issues, save out a copy of the database without the save as package option, and this problem will go away.  A warning about this might have been nice, or give it full support.

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Thanks for reporting back. This is a very helpful tip.

It’s unfortunate that EndNote still hasn’t updated their file format for OS X. After all, in OS X, we can now have bundles in which different files are placed into a folder-like container but users don’t see this as a folder but as one document. It would be much neater if EndNote’s file for OS X were a bundle and not the unwieldy folder and files it current is.