Dragging PDFs onto libraries

Using X6 on a Mac with OS 10.8.  Prior to X6, you could drag a PDF onto the library window and it would import it and create a new record.  Now, it won’t seem to do that.  Rather it tries to attach to a record in the library window.  One can still drag onto the EndNote icon in the dock, but this is less efficient as EndNote pops an open dialog for you to select which library you want to import into.  

Is there a way to recreate the old behavior?


Not sure but on a PC the functionality was always that if you tried to drag it to the library display list, it was always the way you easily attached a PDF to a specific record, but this might have been a difference in platforms I guess. 

I would also like to know the proper way to drag PDFs into the Mac app.  Dragging to the EN icon on the dock opens a non-sensical dialog box.

Dragging to the open windown, the previous method, now doesn’t work.

If this is just a bug with the previous method in X6, where can I file a bug report?

What is the intended behavior for drag and drop – I use it all the time with open PDFs, but am having problems integrating X6 into my workflow because of this.