Duplicates -- Preferences

The default preference for the duplicates is to report the newest (highest record number(s)?) as the duplicate. I use a number of scripts to rewrite the XML of the records in a library (to do such things as sub/superscripts, italicizing genus-species, capitalization, look for pdfs within my own library to avoid duplication). So I want to keep the new record and dispose of the old one rather than the default. It is time consuming and painful to go through this manually – I have better things to do. Would this be an easy fix or is there a workaround I have not found? Older versions of Endnote would report both. Even that would be an improvement over what is available now.

The work around is to create a group with the old references.  But it would still be good to be able to set a preference. Doesn’t seem like it would be that big a deal from programming side either.