Removing duplicates AND their counterparts.

Hello all, and thanks for taking your time to look at my post. Here is my problem:

I ran a search a week ago, and I ran the same search today. There are thousands more hits today than they were a week ago. I would like to take out everything form the library so that I only remain with the new references from the latest search. I ran find duplicates, which is great because it finds all the old references in the new search, but if go ahead and delete those I there will remain a copy of them in the library. So I need to find a way to detect duplicates and then also select their counterparts and delete all of those too. I know that I could do this manually while holding down CTRL, but seeing that I have 12000 references it would take me longer that what I have time for. Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.

When you ask EndNote to find duplicates, it will display both the originals and the duplicate records. All other records will be hidden. With the other records hidden, select all references and then delete them. What’s left should be the hidden records that had no duplicates.

Thanks for your response! When I perform the function “Find Duplicates” it creates a folder called “Duplicates” and only one version is inserted in there. If I remember correctly it’s the newest version of the reference that goes in there. Is there a function that I can check that will put both copies of a duplicate reference into that folder? I use EndNote X2.

Smidgebean is correct for X1 and most earlier versions, but FToth is correct for X2.  this was an unpopular change in X2, which I understand is under revision for X3.  See this thread for some suggestions.

Also note that if do delete them, they are still in the trash until you close endnote to fully delete them, so if you discover you want to keep the newest copy, you can recover it and delete the other one. 

Hi,  i have a problem with references in ENDNOTE X8.

I have duplicates in my word doc. i have deleted the citations and the references. i have find duplicate in all reference and i have chosen the one i wanted. but when i went back on word doc, still i have  something like Boa et al 2014a,  and Boa et al 2014b,

please help me to solve this issue.