Edit & Display Emptry Fields and view PDF

In the previous version of EndNote for Mac, you could ‘hide’ empty fields which was much easier to see and manage data, you could also complete the field on the same screen as the PDF so again much easier to see this information. Please bring back these functions in EndNtwo updates.

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I have exactly the same problem. I just upgraded from ver9 to 21 & am attempting to locate 2 features I previously relied on in 9 that I can’t find in 21:

  1. show empty fields (when viewing a reference, so I can eliminate fields with no text and just view/edit those with entries–otherwise the screen is filled with empty files and I can’t see the data I need)
  2. how to view a reference and a pdf at the same time (I rely on this so that I can take notes from a pdf into a reference within the Endnote program)
    Apparently these features no longer exist? They were eliminated in 20 (which is why I down (or rather up) graded back to 9 and I was hoping/assuming that this functionality would be restored in 21. This is so disappointing…