Endnote upgrade 20.4 problem

Yesterday, July 20, I opted to accept the offered upgrade to Endnote 20.4. Well, there is alt least one bug in the software. When I move the cursor across the references the screen goes blank. Nothing is lost, but there is a problem. I hope it is fixed soon and a 20.41 sent out. Or I may try to back up to 20.3.

Awaiting word from development team.

Currently, there is indeed a Display issue with 20.4.
If you have modified the “Display Fields” settings in your preferences, it appears to cause an issue with the refresh of the Reference List Display.
The current workaround for this is to go into Preferences - Display Fields, and use the EndNote Defaults button to set the Display columns back to their default.

This is currently under investigation, and we’re hoping to fix it much sooner than later.

Terribly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
Thanks for your patience.

Default settings seems to correct the display problem. Later I will try a few changes back to how I had the display previously.

Today I installed the new version of the latest upgrade. Unfortunately the problem persists: In al reference types unused fields are still shown which makes the program really unappealing.
Does anybody know how to solve this issue)

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The new update to EndNote 20.4.1 should fix the issue with custom Display Field settings causing the records to not remain visible in the list.

However, it does not yet add an option to “Hide Empty Fields” in the Record List panel in EndNote.
I will make sure there’s an enhancement request filed for this.

Thanks again!

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Can we get an estimated date for fixing this “Hide Empty Fields” issue? It is a serious functionality loss.

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