Edit & Manage Citations windows in CWYW


This part of the CWYW module is very annoying and unfriendly. In other words, it socks. 

For example:

It is impossible to search for a previous citation inside this windows. there is a column “count” which serves nothing else than knowing how much time a particular reference has been cited, Ok Great but doesn’t help finding where they are located when you have long doc like a thesis. 

A least there’s should be a linked colored highlight when clicking on a specific citation allowing, when scrolling, to immediately locate the other similar citations. 

It is still, after dozen of new Endnote versions, impossible to edit the suffix and prefix fields. Impossible to had bold, italic, small caps, or any other editing styles. 

It is still impossible to use these flelds for creating special in the output styles in Endnote library in order to customize more accurately. For instance it is possible with the page fields (which corresponds to the cited page fields in the output style. but nothing with the prefix and suffix field.

it is still impossible to copy/paste a citation form one reference to another. It is only possible to mount or descend the citation inside the reference. 

This window shall be update to reflect recent L&F styles and features.