Edit reference in reference list only

I am using Endnote 7.2 on a PC.  I’d like to be able to edit a reference in a reference list only.  Is there a feature analogous to the “Edit Citation” feature, but for reference lists?

Not without erasing the linking to Endnote in the document.  What are you trying to achieve?   

I’m trying to clean up some details in a few of the references, particularly where fields that are somewhat irrelevant show up in the reference list entry.  I realize I can revise the output style, but I was hoping to do this on the fly.

You can edit the original reference in the library I think, to for example, permanently delete a field from the record, that you don’t want to show (ever).  You still do this from the “edit citaion” option, and when the citation is showing (after th emore)  – click on the “Edit Reference” drop-down and “Edit Library reference” which will open the record and you can make the changes which will then be reflected in your reference list (forever there after and in other reference lists of other papers you edit or generate).  

 It is far better to fix the offending included field in the output style, as you mention, if it is a field you sometimes want in some publications and other times don’t want, for some publishers. 

but the only way to do it on the fly - is to wait until you are about to submit it, and make the changes after converting to plain text using the Endnote toolbar tool (or the more draconian option in Word removing all field codes) (of course making sure to first  make a copy of the paper, so you can go back to the original to make further edits in the endnote if necessary).