Electronic Article Date fields?

I’m perplexed by the Date fields offered in Endnote for Electronic Articles:

I understand “Date Accessed”, but why is there no “Date Posted”?

And why is “Date Cited” a field?  

Should i add a new field for  “Date Posted” or perhaps i should be listing my reference as a different reference type?

Thanks for any help

Steve Freeman
Center for Organizational Dynamics      
University of Pennsylvania

Well, as compared with published articles, where we rarely include the date published, just the year, I assume the equivalent field is still “year” in the electronic.   However, you might know when you accessed it and this could be important if the article disappeared or “mutated” since you accessed it.  Maybe you don’t remember when you first accessed it, or maybe someone is quoting it and didn’t tell you that, so you might have to use the date cited???

But you can change the reference type to suit your needs thru editing the preferences (computer specific).  You can export to, move and import  the resulting RefTypeTable.xml file to other computers, if needed.  

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