Date and year fields

Using MS Word and EN X2 on a Mac running leopard, I have formatted document/ bibliography for a specific journal.  Citations in text are suppsed to be (author, year).  I  can get author only, (author, month), or occasionally (author year).  All forms appear throughout document.  All were downloaded from pubmed.

Suggestions?  Thanks 

Can you attach to a reply, the output style for the journal you are using (I don’t know where those live on a Mac, but there should be a Endnote/Styles folder somewhere?), and can you look at your records in the library and see what is in the “YEAR” field of those records, to distinguish between a downloading problem or a style specification problem? 

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The style:

Toxicological Sciences.ens

The year field in the library are all correct 


I attach a corrected version of that style and have reported it to the “style police” at endnote, because the citation field had “Date” and not “year” specified in the online version dated 11/20/2006. 

Toxicological Sciences.ens (9.13 KB)

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It WORKED!  You are truly a GURU.  Thanks so much.  I have wrestled with this for a week!!  Great way to start the weekend.  Thanks for these small but important victories.