EN putting commas between authors in author (year) in-text citations

Hi all,

I’m using endnote’s Phil Trans B style, and it is sometimes putting commas between multi-authored papers in in-text citations when using the author (year) format.

For example, if the citation is Ben Smith, Alison Jones, and Alan Ginsberg (2010) “This is my paper”, it will produce the in-text citation as: Smith, Jones [1].  If there are just two authors (i.e. no ginsberg), it will produce: Smith and Jones [1].  This multi-citation format is strange, and can’t be right, can it?  I’ve never seen it… but having a hard time finding pdf’s on phil trans b to verify.  Any thoughts?



Not sure how you are intending to cite these in text.  I suspect the Author settings are incorrect/incomplete as it is rarely used in a numbered output style.  If you want authorship to be reflected in some way, I would edit the output style to include the

, et al

for both of the 3 or more records as I assume you plan to use the authors’ names as a noun in the sentence structure and anything else, as you note,  would look odd.  

“save as” to a new style name and then change your document to use that newly named style (which you may have to show all styles, to find the first time).  

I don’t see this construct used in a quick view of a few published papers, and I don’t think they adequately address it in the author guidelines here: http://royalsocietypublishing.org/instructions-authors#question3  Mind you - they do direct you to the Endnote syles.  You might  ask the editor to have Clarivate correct the output style to reflect their preferences.