In-text citations

I would be most grateful if someone could assist with my query.  I am using Endnote X7 and want to cite in the following way:

Smith and Smith (2007, 2009, 2011) have conducted research etc.

I can’t work out how to produce this kind of citation.  Easy enough to do the same authors, multiple years in this format (Smith & Smith, 2007, 2009, 2011) but not the above.  Any ideas will most gratefully received.  it has become a massive time waster trying to coax the solution out of endnote today and I am wondering if I just need to insert it manually, both in-text and in the reference list.  Many thanks in advance.

The Author (Year) setting is not designed to accomodate multiple citations, as it would be confusing in any other situation than the one you describe.  The only way to achieve this would be to use the Hide functions and type exactly what you want to see.  You might try hiding Authors, and typing that part in, or hiding the years and typing that part in.  Or hiding both and typing it all (but then the citation is invisible.  

or you could indicate the name of the authors in the text and only copy the ref number and dates in the accolade  : … as shown by Smith & Smith {, 2011 #842;, 2012 #862;, 2013 #900}

withouth forgetting the comma… before the year. At least I do that (Endonte X3 for mac)

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Rigas’ suggestion is the short-cut to achieving the “hide author” function in the temporary citations!  Typing in the author as you want it to appear outside the temporary citation and omitting the author (leaving the comma) from the {Author, YEAR #RecNo: Author, YEAR #RecNo; Author, YEAR #RecNo} temporary citations.  (P.S. – NOT using the Author (Year) format option)

Many thanks.  Problem solved.

Many thanks.  Great and obvious solution in many ways.  Whay did I spend hours looking for a more complicated answer.  Thanks again.

Thanks so much.  I greatly appreciate your advice.