Endnote 20 for MacOSX 11.1 (BigSur): two problems

I just update to Endnote 20 on MacOSX and I have noticed two problems:

  • In the main database window, the space between two references is huge. If the space was reduced, I could be able to vizualize the double number of references ! The parameter “Preferences->Display font” does not change the space between references but the size of the font. Perhaps it is due to a retina display ?

  • Impossible to change the font of one character into Symbol while editing the reference. It stayed in plain font.

Any solution ?


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EndNote 20 is TERRIBLE.

Besides what you note, here are just two of the many problems they have introduced. How could they take functionality OUT?

  1. You cannot open windows, and especially you can’t open multiple windows simultaneously…necessary for editing between them.

  2. The term lists simply don’t function anymore. They don’t “fill in” in an Endnote reference. They don’t show whether phrases are or are not consistent with the term lists in an Endnote record. You can’t search for one in the term list windows…so entering them from there is beyond clumsy.  They are nigh near useless.