Endnote 8 icon

Is it possible to change Endnote 8’s program icon? If so, how? Thanks.

See this article for changing icons on the Windows platform:


See this article for changing icons on the Mac:


This is helpful general advice that unfortunately does not apply to the Endnote program icon or a shortcut that’s created from the .exe. You can verify this by following the advice toward the bottom of the “how to” message that you attached:

If you use menu, click once to bring up EndNote.exe (either as the program or as a shortcut). Now, right-click, hit properties, and notice on the short-cut menu that the “change icon” box is grayed-out. I want to change the icon because I have too many blue icons at the bottom of my screen. Whereas the yellow Endnote 7 icon stood out, the blue Endnote 8 icon is not distinct.

The “Change Icon” button is grayed-out as it seems the Target path is missing the “Endnote.EXE” executable segment. This occurs if the Endnote shortcut icon was created by dragging the program and dropping it onto the desktop. Normally the [program].exe is included when performing a drag-and-drop so it’s unclear why Endnote is not.

Instead of using drag-and-drop to create the shortcut, right-click on a blank space on the desktop and in the pop-up menu select New >Shortcut which displays the “Create Shortcut” wizard. Use the Browse button to locate and select the Endnote X8 program on your computer. This in turn will display the path in the Properties “Target” box. At the end of the path enter “Endnote.EXE”, click Apply and exit Properties. Now access Endnote X8’s Properties and the “Change Icon” button can be activated.

Refer to attach image which shows the Properties and Change Icon results (for Endnote X7).

Alternatively, you can browse to the “C:\Program Files (x86)\EndNote X8” or “C:\Program Files\EndNote X8” folder. You can right-click on the “EndNote.exe” file here and select “Send To > Desktop (create shortcut).” You can then go into the Properties and Change Icon. With EndNote X8, it will appear as seen in the attached file.

That works. Thank you. FYI (for others), the icon selection in version 8 is fairly limited, but you can attach any icon that’s on your system to the shortcut that you have created in the manner described above.