EndNote 20 - add ability to customize icons

In the upgrade from EndNote X9 to EndNote 20 many useful shortcut icons were removed and there is no way to add  icons to support frequently used commands such as import file which I use almost daily.  Recommend that you create a capability to create custom icons that can be linked to menu commands


I have the same request! Now Endnote 20 removed lots of buttons from the toolbar and leave a useless blank there. I have to go back to use X9. I have no idea why they do that.


I think having only six shortcut icons is not a good idea. The one shortcut icon I used the most was the Import option which is missing. There is an Export icon which I rarely used. We need to be able to decide which shortcut icons we use and need to display.

I want an option to hide the simple search box as this space is wasted.