Endnote alternatives -- value proposition?

I would like to know what the value proposition is for using Endnote over other excellent alternatives such as Mendeley and Zotero. This is especially important as I consider the potential of continuing to use Endnote after X7. 

I am having a difficult time seeing why I should pay such a high price for Endnote when I see cheaper alternatives. It seems like Endnote is becoming a legacy product. Can someone at Thomson Reuters help me out here.

Great question and thanks for writing.

Fear not our becoming a legacy product; as a member of the EndNote team, I assure you that we are working tirelessly on upcoming releases to better suit your research and writing workflows.  We continue to develop EndNote features with direct input from our end users as well as editors at top journals, and in that vein, have decided to move away from a large annual release cycle, and towards more frequent, feature rich updates.

EndNote’s primary advantage over Zotero and Mendeley include power features such as Find Full Text, multiple areas customization such as reference types and citation styles, and direct integration with the Web of Science database, your institution’s library catalog, Google Scholar and PubMed. Additionally, if you look at the free versions of EndNote vs. Zotero, the Basic version of EndNote provides more storage space at 2 GBs than Zotero does at 300 MB.

On all fronts, EndNote’s Journal Terms list feature is by far the most robust in terms of standardizing your citations and bibliographies. Our patented Cite While You Write function is the most powerful feature of its type and features formatting and customization features in Word and also works with Apache OpenOffice.

Additionally, EndNote offers hands-on personal training around the world, and has wide support from librarians at the top universities. Important to note is that we have always respected copyright laws, and eschew profiting from our end user’s private data.

What are some of the features that are most important to you in EndNote, or areas of your research workflow that you think EndNote could better support? We’d love to hear your thoughts on areas for improvement, whether on the desktop, online, or within the iPad app. 

Look forward to hearing from you, 

Meredith M.