Thank goodness I didn't delete EndNote 9--far superior to "upgrade" to EndNote 20

Dear Colleagues:

Thank goodness I didn’t delete EndNote 9–far superior to “upgrade” to EndNote 20.

Thre are many complaints already in “product suggestions” (a gentle term–many are more screams of outrage or cries for help), but here are some of my top ones.

  1. You cannot open windows, and especially you can’t open multiple windows simultaneously…necessary for editing between them. 

  2. The term lists simply don’t function anymore. They don’t “fill in” in an Endnote reference. They don’t show whether phrases are or are not consistent with the term lists in an Endnote record. You can’t search for one in the term list windows…so entering them from there is beyond clumsy. They are nigh near useless.

  3. You can’t see the formatted reference in ‘bottom split’ layout option consistently. When you do…it does NOT update even when the Edits are saved. I have to change STYLES to see the update.

  4. The feature of “Search Results” has disappeared on EndNote 20.

  5. Add back the case changing option.

  6. One needs the option to build a search to select records based on empty field(s).

  7. Merging duplicates is necessary.

I am terribly disappointed that I paid for this downgrade. How can developers just leave out features in previous versions?


Dr. Douglas H. Clements


While trying to speed up the software, they obviously removed everything they saw as slowness.

in our country, price tag of software is one third of my salary. I paid €200 for downgrade.

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I believe the designer of the software never used Endnote before :laughing:


I agree with you 100%

very disappointed

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Yes, adding my complete disatification with the POS “upgrade”. I am returning to X9, and I’ll check back on 20 perhaps in a few years. 

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I agree - I wish I had kept X9.

The main thing I use EndNote for is to add citations to a document. In X9 this was 1-click with the add-citation icon/button. Now it is hidden 3-clicks down in a menu.

I have been pushing all of our students to use EndNote, but maybe Zotero is a better alternative. Their updates add functionality rather than taking it away.