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Hi, I do want to upgrade to X21 but I’m not going to do it and will instead transition to something like Papers or Paperpile unless I see some commitment to creating an Endnote Click extension for Safari. The Safari infrastructure changed some time ago to allow this but neither Kopernio or Clarivate ever really gave this promise to make a safari version much effort.

Is this on the horizon soon or should we just accept that it won’t happen,

Thanks, Allan.


Bumping this. No response on Click for Safari since it was Kopernio and we’ve not heard anything. The link on the Click landing page where one can upvote interest in a Safari extension is long in the tooth and no word.

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I have to agree. Safari is common on macs and a lot of people still use it.

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The reason why, I think, a significant number of Mac users use Safari (I would guess if not a majority than an equal number to chrome) is because everything is then in sync with safari on their other apple devices. Chrome on an iPhone or iPad is a joke and a massive resource hog on a Mac.

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Whilst looking for something else (life is like that) I found the Endnote Wikipedia page and noted it said
" With the release of version 4.0 in ca. 2000, EndNote attained most of its current functionality.[11] In the same year EndNote was acquired by Institute for Scientific Information’s (ISI) Research Soft Division, part of Thomson Corporation. Since then, i.e. for the last 20 years, EndNote’s functionality has not had any substantial changes.[14]

Which is quite sad really. I realize that there have been internal changes, after all the library structure has changed, but looking at the forum people seem to be complaining that V20 and V21 are retrograde versions from V19.
I am not sure that Clarivate is listening to its users but seems more intent on listening to its marketing people who seem to be chasing something different.

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Additionally some fantastic feature were removed like “Record summary”

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I’ve been down this road before with Endnote back at version 10 or 11 when I was writing my diss during the VBA debacle… in 2006 or so. Very little changes.

Sadly, this seems to be true.
I suspect that, as Endnote lets you upgrade from 2 or 3 versions back, most don’t do every paid upgrade. I see many talking about upgrading from V19 to V21, so it is clear that many don’t see any urgent need to upgrade unless working with others who are, simply because of Library changes.

That should be ringing alarm bells at Clarivate. I also think that if they stopped letting you upgrade from 2 or 3 versions back, many would simply not upgrade at all.