EndNote 20, update 20.1 is still a DISASTER!

EndNote 20 is a serious DISASTER! It is a downgrade from X9.

The latest update 20.1 (as of June 25 2021) attempts to recover some of the functionality lost from version X9; however, EndNote 20 (after update 20.1) is still a downgrade compared to X9. Specifically:

  • The PDF Preview Pane is back (from version X9); this is progress, however the default pane is the “Summary” pane. ACTION 1 for Clarivate : please provide option to set the default pane to “PDF Preview”, say under Preferences.
  • The “Search Showing” option is still not back (from version X9). ACTION 2 for Clarivate : please bring back ALL of the the search options from X9. 

ACTION for Clarivate: complete both above actions ASAP (within days, not weeks or months), or you will lose a LOT of customers who are going back to X9 or leaving EndNote altogether for another product! I strongly recommend that you READ the feedback on this forum, and LISTEN to your customers!

We have complained to our library which hosted Endnotes for more than 45,000 undergrads. I told them to GET RID OF IT. How thoughtless, careless, stupid, selfish…to make a product that has FEWER features, more work to do something simple, and a HORRID interface. Not one person at this company asked ANY OF US what we used, did, needed…not one. Having to move my citations into a freaking LIBRARY to use them?! How stupid! Having to unclick references to get out of the sticky mess of the interface just to scroll abstracts? WHO THOUGHT OF THIS GARBAGE? Why so much work to do what was simple? Why does this company HATE paying customers?