Endnote crashes on MacBook Air (Sierra) when I try to close a library


Hoping someone has some advice. Recently my Endnote crashes everytime I try to close an open libary to work on a new library. As soon as I hit the red close button Endnote crashes. I updated Endnote and reset PRAM. I am stuck though and it still crashes. I need to use a new libary to instert references into a Word document but Endnote is still looking at an old libary that is open at the same time and wont allow me to add references from the new library. Any ideas? Thanks

I assume you have rebooted, as sometimes processes are still running that make a program think something is still open?  

You say you are on Sierra, which beta are you on? Or, are you working off of the Golden Master? And, what verison of EndNote (X7.x?).


Meredith M. 

I am running the GM version of Sierra and not having problems with Endnote