EndNote 8 crashes on Sierra (10.12.4)

I have a major issue with Endnote 8 on my new Macbook Pro.

It is freezing all the time and I have to Force Quit application. I am doing this now every 5-10 minutes which doesn’t suit my productivity.

For example, if I click on reference with PDF it may open PDF or it may just freeze. Same if you move reference to a group etc.

Sometimes, it will just freeze because software is open.

I even reinstall my 2 week old MacBook to factory setting and reinstall endnote without any success.

I am wondering if anyone is facing same problem and is there any solution.

I am having constant crashes with Endnote X8 with Sierra 10.12.4. I was having crash issues in X7 and upgraded to X8 and the problem continues. I spent an hour on phone w/ tech support last week. He tried rebuilding my library in severa ways but no matter what it still crashes. They said a couple other people were having this problem and they were working on a “patch.” 

VERY frustrating. I have hundreds of PDFs and references in there. I have paper deadlines and it is making it take much longer to write the paper with EndNote constantly crashing in background. I’ve been viewing using EndNote web synched to my Mac program, which helps a little but that is a terrible workaround.

I wish they would stop coming out with new versions with only small feature improvements and instead focus on stability. EndNote has always been an unstable crash-prone program. But this is now unusuable.

I’m also having major issues with EndNote X8 since a recent Sierra update to 10.12.4. 

Endnote constantly crashes making work almost impossible. These crashes can take place every time I try to open a PDF or click on a reference! I am constantly having to force quit and reopen, which doesn’t resolve the problem. The issue is also occurring with past back-up versions of my library. 

I’ve been using Endnote (Mac) since 2014 and have never experienced anything like this before!! 

This is incredibly frustrating, and if not resolved soon, I am going to seriously consider using another program!

Thank you guys for sharing your pain. At least now I know that I am not alone :frowning:

I am so sorry to hear that we all face the same problem. I experience exactly what you described. My productivity is so affected with force quiet etc. that the other day brought me to tears. I click on PDF it may freeze, I click on reference it freezes, I insert in word it freezes… No logic at all… I hope they will bring solution soon as I am also considering alternatives. With this issue if facing great setback… Hopefully solution would be here soon

Same problem here.  Maddeningly frustrating.  Still persists after restoring my library.

Hi folks, I was having this problem and it resolved when I stopped syncing with EndNote web (go to Preferences, Sync, and uncheck “Sync Automatically.”

Hi folks, I was having this problem and it resolved when I stopped syncing with EndNote web (go to Preferences, Sync, and uncheck “Sync Automatically”).

Thanks for the tip tkpatt. Sadly, this doesn’t resolve the issue for me :cry:

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Unfortunately doesn’t work for me either. 

Hey all, I am sorry to see you all are having the same probem I am. I am trying to meet a publication submission deadline and I have to force quit endnote after trying to open up attached studies. It is silly to continue to use this product if it can’t be fixed. Has anyone found a solution? Thanks!

Same problem occurred here! My endnote started freezing even before i updated to 10.12.4. I thought the update would solve the problem but it did not. Any advice would be really appreciated, 

Same problem occurred here! My endnote8 started freezing itself even before i updated to 10f12.4. I thought the update would solve the problem but it did not. Any advice would be really appreciated. 

I have been in touch with tech support and they are working on an update/patch. Unsure when this is being released. Until then it is indeed MADDENING. EndNote encourages you to use it to manage all your references including PDFs. So EndNote is THE system for me to organize hundreds/thousands of scientific articles essential to my work. And now it does not work. I am using EndNote Web to access the documents in the mean time but it is a very light version of the software and dramatically reduces my productivity. 

In the mean time, the more people who post on here, the more pressure we can give for them to follow through and come out with an update!

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Same response from tech support.  They acknowledge it is a bug related to PDF attachments.  Until it’s fixed the program is close to unusable for any length of time.  

I have the same problem. The program kept freezing with endnote 7.7 so I spent over $100 to upgrade to endote 8 and it is still freezing. I am trying to meet a publication deadline too. This is very, very frustrating. I think we should be reimbursed for whatever additional funds we have had to expend for this. When is endnote going to work. If not soon we need to dump the program.

Yes absolutely, keeping crashing all the time. I would like to refer this as the “WannaCry” for academics!

Yes absolutely, keeping crashing all the time. I would like to refer this as the “WannaCry” for academics!

Hi everyone, 

It has been uncovered that due to a bug in macOS Sierra 10.12.4, EndNote libraries with PDFs that have extensive annotations have issues. This will cause the app to hang (not crash). Previous versions of macOS Sierra are not exhibiting this. Until further notice of fix/patch from Apple we recommend to use EndNote on a previous OS.

But, if EndNote is crashing on you, please call our Support team. A crash is likely caused by something else and they can walk you through remediation steps. http://endnote.com/support

Will update as we know more. 

Thank you,


Recent mac update - Update 10.12.5 partly fixed the problem.

Strange thing is that for couple I had native EndNote PDF reader but now disappeared. Double click on reference in the past would open native Endote PDF reader now it is opening reference editing. Native endnote reader disappeared and documents annotation can either be done only in Preview or Acrobat Pro if you have one.

However, it is still buggy and freezes but less than on 10.12.4