Endnote: Features sand suggestions based on multiple documents managers used


There is no document and citation manager that include a good project organization , a good inside citation filter manager , a good pdf editor and a good citation extension that enables capture references to the inside of document manager, web or the desktop app. And that with sync.

For project manager: Mendeley, Zotero and Papers are the choice

They allow me to organize all my projects in folders, with the same structure like Main Folder (The project, e.g.Thesis)->Sub Folder (Sections of the project like, e.g. Introduction, Discussion)->Sub Folder (Sub themes within sections, e.g. The Kingdom Fungi)->Sub Folder (Sub Folder with research citation relative to sub themes, e.g. Origin of the Kingdom Fungi)

Endnote do not allow this type of organization. To have multiple projects i need multiple libraries (files saved outside endnote).

For in citation organization : Endnote is the one to choose

We can organize citation with the pdf metadata with filters and custom filters. We have tools to manage this filters in a custom way. Awesome!

Any other program doesn’t do that better than Endnote. Zotero and Papers only allows some type of filters, Zotero more than Papers.

A good pdf editor: Papers is the one to choose

It combines the text highlighter with a side panel that allows to view annotations that we make in a long paper e.g. book It makes annotation a nice experience like only regular pdf reader.  A bookmark view would be nice that allow to make the search more easy (imagine search themes inside a book only from the index, its a pain in a 1000 pages book).  I know that endnote allows search for a word (I dont know if the pdf editor inside papers allow to do search for a word and if it has pen touch support).

With others document managers i use a external pdf app that supports: search for a word, bookmarket view, annotation painal and pen touch support because all sucks on pdf annotation and Papers is the closest one to a good pdf editor. Thus, i only use this programs to manager citations and documents but not for edition.

With Endnote its even worse: I use external pdf app on my tablet as pdf editor and each time that i save a pdf endnote recognizes it as a new pdf/ reference  because endnote uses record numbers for pdf documents to not overwrites (with auto import on). Thus, i need to attach manually the pdf that i have change in my tablet in the references painel over and over again. 

Citation extension - Mendeley was the better that suts me

I didnt saw others, only Endnote and Mendeley. Mendeley allows me to put the citation inside the folders that i create and subfolder, it allow to import pdf or not, and all of that inside the browser.

Endnote doesnt have one. Only a capture reference that doesnt work anymore (i cant login) and uses kopernio extension. This extension has a problem, only recognize citations with pdf that i cant import to endnote library directly, only to the computer. And i cant import it to endnote cause the import to endnote button does the same that download pdf button does.

Hope you all have learn something from my research and work with multiples document managers.

Take a deeper look on this features.

I know, i am not english anyway, i am learning…


João Mendes