EndNote "folder watch" & back organizing PDF files in your computer

I didn’t explore the software/knowledgebase enough, but one thing that I miss the most is the possibility of defining a “watching folder” in which any new PDF addition is automatically added to your unsorted reference collection.

The second thing I miss the most is a feature enabling EndNote to back organize the PDF files linked to your reference library entries into a new, special folder of organized PDF files. This could be done with powerful options as renaming the PDF files according to any selected entries in the corresponding reference and, more importantly, sorting them into subfolders accordingly with the organization of your reference collections/projects.

There are other free reference manager software capable of doing similar things but all of them fail in having this small, although powerful set of tools for the organization of linked PDF files. This would definitely turn EndNote into an unbeatable reference manager software. For now, it is just very good at some things, but it doesn’t payoff the proprietary fees in comparison with the free software available.

Hope this suggestion can be useful to developers.