Endnote font problem for bibliography.

Hello, I have an urgent document and hope to seek your help.


I am using Endnote 7 (Bld 98) on MS Word 2003 (11.8215.8202 SP3). When I insert a citation, the font that is entered by endnote is Arial which is what i want. However, when I look at the bibliography references, the font inserted by endnote is Times New Roman. how can i change this font to Arial as a defaultWhen i change the Times New Roman bibliography fonts to Arial, endnote automatically re-changes it back to Times New Roman! I have spent the entire 2 days looking and googling for help files. I understand that there have been some people who suggested tweaking the Edit -> Output styles -> Edit “Annotated” -> Bibliography -> Templates and then changing the font, but Endnote does not change the “Plain Font” to Arial. 

Please advice. thank you.

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What is the underlying font for the word template?  I think I remember that Endnote 7 picked up the font from the last paragraph in the document.  On a copy, try unformating and deleting any remnant bibliography, then format the last paragraph symbol (show paragraph symbols by clickin gon the reverse P on the word toolbar, if they aren’t showing) as Ariel.  Now try reformating. 


Special thanks to Peter Travis of Customer Technical Support.


from Customer Support:

While EndNote 7 is no longer supported, this should be easy to resolve.

In Word go to "Tools > EndNote > Format Bibliography" and click on "Layout". Here you can change the font that EndNote will for the bibliography.