endnote inserting bibliography in two fonts!

Hi, my bibliography has 10 references. I have set the format to Arial size 11. However, when the list is generated, entry #6 comes in times new roman. The other 9 are in Arial. I have unformatted and inserted again but the same issue resurfaced. This is mind-boggling. Has anyone else encounted this before or have any tips?  

Thanks, John. 

select citation surrounding text and shift + spacebar  – what happens?  

Sorry that got sent too early.  Endnote picks up the font of either the underlying template, or the text of the surrounding text sometimes.  the shift + spacebar will return the text to the underlying template “normal” text.  so if the new text surrounding the citation changes to that in the citation, it is the template that is the problem.  If your citation now matches what you want, it was the text you happened to insert it into, and now it is fixed.  

I couldn’t get that to work. However, I noticed that for this specific entry in endnote, the font for each field was set to times new roman. I went in and changed each one to plain font and it works fine! Thanks for the tip. 

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