EndNote incredibly slow

Hi there, 

I’m having terrible problems with EndNote X7 being incredibly slow. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big library or small library, shared or not, or where the library is stored. 

If I try to sync the library, change or move or add a reference, it’s taking upwards of a minute and a half to work. 

Colleagues of mine who are running the same version also on Windows 10 don’t seem to be having the same problem. We’ve established that it doesn’t seem to be a problem with my laptop, which otherwise works fine. 

Any ideas? 

You have rebooted I assume?  

On a specific document?  If you you may want to clean up the document, to ensure there are no corrupt fields in it. MAKE A COPY OF THE DOCUMENT. then follow these steps for your version/operating system.   http://endnote.com/kb/81143

Have you updated word or endnote on that laptop, if so, you may want to unformat and reformat the word documents to ensure they are consistent with the way the current versions of the two softwares, talk to each other (which would also be fixed by the above steps).  

Is it the correct library for synching?

Syncing usually takes long the first time.  In fact mine timed out several times the last time I synced a new version of my library.

Are there any error messages with the sync?

I have my preferences off to automatically sync.  So it only syncs when I ask it to, with blue sync the button on the top in endnote.

Does it think it has finished syncing,  Run sync status,near top on right hand library group listings.  If the library you have open, is the synced library it wil be there –  if it is the wrong library, that shouldn’t be there, and if you click “sync” in the top, you will get a warning that this library will be merged into your synced library.  


I am facing also speed issues on my iMac. Although my copy is running stable, inserting and formatting the citations take quite a long time even on my very fast iMac. From my experience it looks like EndNote has some general “speed issues” regardless of the size of the document one is working with. Comparing to the “Papers” software for the mac, EndNote is far slower handling my 600+ papers collection. But in your case there might be caching or swapping issues on a slow hard drive (?) or due not having enough RAM? 

Did you ever figure this out. I recently updated to X8 in Windows 10 and amhaving the same issue. It seems ot take forever reformatting all the references with each new one.

I’m having similar problems running a trial of x8 on a Mac with OS X El Capitan. Whenever I try to update something in a citation, like change the formatting of a date, I’ll get the spinning beachball for 20-30 seconds. I’ve been using x6 for years with the same library and never had the problem.

I was having the same issue with the desktop version which I tried on both my iMac and macbook air with no difference in performance speed. Eventually I deleted all my smartgroups (I had about 6) and it seems to have improved performance ++. Fingers crossed! Looks like smartgroups aren’t so smart after all.