[Endnote Ipad app] Bug report


I would like to report a bug in the Ipad app.

When reading/annotating a PDF file it is normally possible to switch to a sort of fullscreen mode tapping one time on the screen. In this mode the menu bar (along with the button to go back to the library), the scroll bar and the thumbnails disappear. Tapping again on the screen revert to the normal mode. 

Now if you do the following steps everything should work flawlessy:

  1. Select the pen tool from the annotation toolbar and I draw a line in the document.

  2. Select again the “hand” in the toolbar

  3. Tap on the screen to change the reading mode (normal/full screen).

BUT if you now open the annotation toolbar and press the undo button to remove the line you’ve just drawn, you will not be able to swith reading mode anymore. And if you are in fullscreen mode you cannot even press the button to go back to the libray and you get stuck. In order to unfreeze the app you have to consecutively tap the hand tool, the pen tool and again the hand tool. This seems to solve the problem and now you should be able to switch again reading mode. Unfortunately this sometimes does not help and you are forced to restart the app (and maybe loose the last annotations you have made). 

Does it happen only to me? Is it possible to solve the problem?

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I`ve the same problem

I am testing this with a beta of the next version of the iPad app, and (presuming I am understanding the steps correctly), this seems to be fixed.

Oh Jason – thought we weren’t allowed to post about beta testing!   


I`ve the same problem

JasonR post:  update to the EndNote iPad app just went live, see: