Incompaitle PDF annotations

Workig with Endnote X5 - the iPad app doesn’t allow any menaingful marking up or annotation (just scribble that’s then deleted)  so I oepn attachment in Good Reader. I then annotate PDFs and highlight.

If this PDF is opened in *any* other PDF reader the annotations display - but NOT in the Endnote X5 PDF viewer. Here the highlights display, the annotation symbols display but the annotation text is blank.

Why is this incompatible?

Same happened if annotated on EndNote on Mac and opened in EndNote on PC (see ).

Is this fixed in X6? Or X7?


You can find more information about the current PDF annotation technology used within the EndNote for iPad app on our website here:

The following knowledgebase article includes steps which would allow you to use annotation tools within another iPad app:

Please let me know if this helps.

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