Endnote not saving references

Hi, I’ve been using Endnote since 2008 and for some reason it has just recently started to play up. I am doing an annotated bibliography for my thesis and imported two books I have read. I saved the file, opened it back up and they disappeared, and the weird thing is that references that were not previously in this group I have, appear there. I have deleted them from the group, opened back up and tried to import the other references again, but then they disappear. 

This has only started happening. 

Any idea what I can do?

are you using syn?

Hi HowSci,

nope, not using Syn. I ended up fixing it by upgrading from 6 to 7 (I didn’t know there was a new version out) and that fixed it. Not sure why it was playing up after all that time, but all good now *fingers crossed* :)