HELP my references have disappeared and so have the attached pdfs to the ones that remain!

Ok, so I have written a review and I have ~230 references, so I know I have ~230 references in my endnote. I just now opened endnote and its only showing 56 references and the attached pdf’s have gone also.

I dont know what to do!?

ANY help would REALLY be appreciated!

ok I found them!!!

The key for anyone else with this issue was to go “FILE -> OPEN RECENT” and for some reason there were 3 libraries there (all with the same name!! WTF?!?). They were all in the first one.

Thanks anyway, hope this saves someone else some trouble.

Have you saved them to different places and make sure you aren’t saving them to a sharepoint or cloud location.  

If you aren’t already syncing, you might also want to save as to a unique name and then set your preferences to open that library automatically so it doesn’t happen again?  


No idea how or why this happened, I made a backup some months ago, thats all I can think of, I will attempt to set the preferences like you suggest. Thanks! :slight_smile: