EndNote online not working

Dear EndNote team,

I have had problems accessing my collected references via the EndNote online page for several weeks now. I can log in, and the frame of the page is shown - but the actual references with their details are not shown (which hsould appear in the middle of the page). Exporting references doesn’t work either (even short lists of 20 references give me a page reading Gateway Timeout…).

This is not a problem with subscription - the license is valid.

I need to be able to work with my references urgently! It would be a great loss if I had to abandon the references I collected over the course of 10 years, with all the notes I added!

Help would be very welcome!

I tried contacting your team via the feedback function on the EndNote online page twice, but I am unsure whether this function is working, or if the same bug that keeps me from my references interferes with the e-mail delivery.

Best regards


I have submitted a Technical Support request via the form on our website here:


You can also call for support


You should be contacted by a Technical Support Agent.