EndNote Overwrites MS Word 2007 Insert Citation Function

EndNote has overwritten the Insert Citation function that is native to Word 2007.  I guess it assumes I don’t need it anymore!  But as a professional writer, I need to use both citations via Word or EndNote depending on what a client requests.  I have no idea how to get back the Insert Citation function back into Word 2007 though without uninstalling EndNote.  Any help would be appreciated.


Message Edited by TMW on 08-21-2009 01:07 PM

Yes, EndNote hides these commands from the Word ribbon, although the functions are still available.

You can use the Customize function in the Word Options to put the bibliography commands onto the Quick Access Toolbar.

But I think an easier solution is to go to Start>Programs>EndNote>Configure EndNote. Select “Configure EndNote components for me”. At the next screen, uncheck “Use EndNote as default citation manager for Word 2007.”  This should restore the Citation commands to the References tab on the Word 2007 ribbon. It won’t interfere with your use of the commands on the EndNote tab.