How to covert citations created by word 2007 - an "unknown error"?


I have been using word 2007 and newly installed endnote. Unfortunately, I cannot continue using any of my word files since when I try to

- “update citations” or

- “convert word 2007 citations to endnote” or

- “export word 2007 citations” or

- “export word 2007 main list” 

I get an “unknown error”.  

The citations I used before was in an ISO type if it is important (I cannot check the exact name because word bibliography botton is long gone).

I also tried to import the bibliography source (source.xml created by word 2007) to an endnote library. But, it does not do anything, no errors, no complaints and no source.

If you can’t give an answer could you please tell me if it is possible to disable endnote till I finish these ongoing works.

Thank you,

Oh, it’s endnote X1.0.1 .


Installing EndNote hides the commands of the Word Bibliography function from the ribbon in Word 2007, but it doesn’t disable them. You can still use them.

To access those commands, click on the Office button in the top left-hand corner of the Word 2007 screen. Then click on the “Word Options” button.

When the Word Options are displayed, select the Customize option. This will allow you to select specific commands to add to your Quick Access Toolbar.

Use the “Choose Commands From” menu to select “References Tab.” Now you will be able to see all the commands that normally appear on that tab, including the bibliography commands.

Choose the commands that you need and put them on the Quick Access Toolbar. You will now be able to access them from there.

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Thanks a lot; I was going to un-install endnote if it wasn’t for your answer.