endnote web 3.5 firefox plugin doesn't work

Hello endnote folks,

    I have been using Endnote web 3.5 for months.  However, since last week, when I click on the “Capture” button in Firefox Endnote web 3.5, no citation window would pop out anymore (circled in red, as attached).   I have tried update firefox, reinstall Endnote web 3.5 but still solve the issue.  My firefox is 18.0.  Endnote web is 3.5.  Endote is X4.  Operation system is Windows 7 64 bits.  Please let me know if any solution.

   Many thanks,



Hello Henry,

Sorry for your difficulty, we are looking to remedy this issue with the Firefox plug-in. In the meantime, please try our Capture References bookmarklet button, located here:  http://www.myendnoteweb.com/EndNoteWeb.html?func=downloadInstallers&

You can drag and drop the Capture Reference button from the page and into your Bookmarks bar from the Download Installers page. It should do the trick.