Firefox 3.6 EndnoteWeb plugin not compatible

The firefox plugin standard has changed once again, apparently, and ENW 2.8 plugin no longer will register in FF 3.6.  Anyone know anything about this?

Hello - We are working to address this incompatibility shortly, hopefully within the next two weeks. I will post here again with an update.

Mathilda, the EndNote team

Update - The latest release of EndNote Web (v 2.9) will work with Firefox 3.6. You just need to re-install the add-on from

Please note that official support will be available in the next release so it will not be listed in the System Requirements Help topic until then.

Mathilda, the EndNote team


I just installed endnote x5 to work with mac os 10.6.8 using firefox 3.6.23.

When I tried to set up  web of science to properly download the endnote rerference, I got an error.  I will attach screenshots of error messages.

thanks for any help you can give me on reinstalling the plugin or resetting firefox to work properly with web of science. 

firefox_error.txt (59.5 KB)

don’t use a Mac, so can’t see if this will help, but here is a knowledge base article that might help?

Firefox v. 8 is the current standard so you’re running a very old version of the browser. To minimize security issues associated with running an old unsupported browser (with the current version of EndNote or other browser-reliant sofware) you might consider upgrading.


I have a problem with endnote.

My citation is doubled. The same citation is appearing twice.

How can I fix it?

Also, I would like to make a bibliography based on my citations. I tried, however, only one citation appears as bibliography in the DOCX file. How can I make all citations into DOCX bibliography? Thanks

duplicate post addressed elsewhere.

i have the same problem