Endnote Web and Word - missing reference list

My endnote web will not update my citations or add them or update my list of references at the end of my word documents. I have no idea what to do? Its connecting to my endnote web fine and finding the citations when i look for them I click insert and then it jumps to what it thinks is another citation that needs finding then after doing that it comes up with an unexpected error! im getting very annoyed with it and really need to sort it any help will be appreciated

Hello xxamyelliottxx,

Is the error you’re getting actually “Unexpected error” or does it say something else? Also, if you open a new, blank document and insert some citatations, do you get the same error?

its says “an unknown error occured”. When i start a brand new document with no text on it to begin with it works fine, but im trying to edit my current work which is 10,000 words long so I can’t be starting over and even when i copy and paste the text into a new document it still has the same errors. When I originally started writing up this current document I did have the citations and bibliography list working fine but the bibliography list has gone!? now so I must have deleted it somehow im guessing. Im just wondering if theres a way to fix this so I dont have to start over again