EndNote Web availability

I’ve recently started using endnote web, as I receive access via my institutions Web of Knowledge subscription, and I’m very impressed with the functionality it offers. However I have noticed over the past two weeks there has been a great deal of downtime, or periods when the service is extremely slow, and connections time out.

  Is this due to the recent upgrade, factor of my subscription via web of knowledge or other reasons? It would be useful to know, as I am debating wether to arrange local reference management in light of endnote webs unreliability in recent weeks.



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Unfortunately, EndNote Web is always (or at least more often than not) dead slow, especially in comparison to other web-based bibliographic management systems. Some people won’t use it because of its sluggish performance. I haven’t yet experienced many time-outs, though.

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Have their been any major improvements with Endnote? I still have issues.


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