Downloading references from WoK to EndNote Web fails

One of our clients has a problem with EndNote Web in that he gets an error message when he tries to download references from Web of Knowledge to his EndNote Web library. He says he often has to try to download 2 or 3 times, and yesterday he had complete failure.

Has anyone else seen this problem before and come up with a solution? I am not sure if it is an EndNote Web problem, or a problem with others accessing his account at the same time as him to look at his shared groups, or a problem with the internet connection.

The error message says: NOTICE A service error has occurred, and the screen capture is attached.

Any ideas??

Thanks, Julie

This is a Web of Knowledge issue that has been reported. This issue is currently being investigated. If you or your clients have any questions about this or would like an update, you can contact the Web of Knowledge Support Group here:

Jason Berman
Technical Sup Rep RS

Thomson Reuters

Phone: +1 800-336-4474