Endnote web shows only initials, no surnames

I have some odd problem: no matter which style I use, the reference list shows all citations as initials only, not showing the surnames. 

Insted of Smith, J, it will show in the manuscript J,S.

Moreover- if I use the Author-Date style, it will show me in the text S,J 2021 insteted of Smith, J 2021. Same goes for the reference list. 

I am using Endnoteweb, word cite-while-you-write plugin and, whenever possible, I go to the paper’s page in pubmed  than importing it using the javascript .

i tried to manualy edit the authors in some reference in its entry on endnote web, i.e. put commas between surnames and first name with no change.

Anyone have an idea wht went wrong?

Many Thanks,