Problem with Endnote Web and citing reports in Word


I’ve got a few reports saved into EndNote web (I’ve ended up not saving them as the Report format that is an option as for soem reason the styles I want to use don’t pick these fields up so i end up with an author and year and nothing else) and when i cite them in Word the Author field isn’t coming out correctly.   This only happens when it’s a company name that is listed as the author of the report rather than an actual person but why it’s doing this is something I can’t figure out.  Example below:

Author: Emu Ltd.

Cited as: Ltd.

In bibliography as: Ltd. E.

But if I’ve got an actual name in the author field this is what I get

Author: Downie, A.

Cited as: Downie

In bibliography as: Downie, A.

I’ve tried to recored the reports in several formats now but this still keeps happening and I can’t understand why for one reference EndNoteWeb will cite the ‘surname’ correctly and not for the other.  I know that because it’s a report if I store it as a journal then I’ll get the Author coming up as just Emu in the citation, but the whole thing should come up in the bibliography.  Can anyone help solve this as it’s very frustrating.



Just add a comma at the end of the corporate name, so Endnote “knows” it is all “surname”.