Endnote Web Subgroups

I would like to suggest that Endnote Web include the ability to create subgroups.  Making this possible would be very useful in a number of situations.   Just today a faculty member asking if Endnote Web allowed for subgroups because she was hoping to make a master group for a course and then create subgroups under the master group with each students name so they could send her their citations. 



I can see ability for a single level subgroup, but that’s just not good enough.

I need to be able to do something like:
image reconstruction -> statistical ->4D ->

I agree.  It is very limiting being unable to sub-categorise references.  

I’m going to try a work around - importing existing X7 folder organisation into endnote web, and will post back results here.

Regardless, this is an oversight in the platform design - one I hope they remedy soon.