Thank you for making subgroups possible. Having multiple levels of groups, just like we are all used to with folders on our computers, email, etc., would be grand. Sub-subgroups: we want them (please)!

This is by far the feature that I want more than any other in Endnote.  Every time a new version comes out I check to see if this has been implemented, but sadly not so far. 

I think it is insane that Endnote pushes uses to have all references in one library, and then only allows two levels of sorting.  I have around 6,000 references in my library from different projects and it is very hard to keep them all sorted due to this limitation.  Honestly the lack of this feature is enough to keep me looking for alternative software as actually finding references in Endnote is such a hassle.

It also goes without saying that the sub-sub groups should be reflected in the iPad version as well.

Agree, sub-groups would be a huge improvement.


I agree with you guys. It’s so dissapointing that Endnote doesn’t allow subgroups. How hard can it be to add a simple function like that?

Push for Subgroups! :slight_smile: