EndNote X2 groups management


I just started using the X2 on Vista after using the X1 version on a Mac for some time. One feature that I found convenient in the Mac was that when I’m looking online for references then the results appear on one “search” window, and I could drag only the relevant ones to my relevant references window (which was the only one that was saved), then when I exited EndNote the online search results were deleted. When using the X2 then the online search results automatically appear and being saved and added to the “All References” group, and it seems that I need then to manually delete the non relevant references, which involves much more work. Maybe I missed something, but I was hoping for a recommendation regarding how to manage references like I did on the Mac.

Thanks for any idea!

Consult John East’s “What’s new in X2” with instructions on how to install the “patch” you need as well as an explanation on how to use the Online mode as opposed to the integrated mode:

http://www.library.uq.edu.au/endnote/new_in_endnoteX2.html.  It isn’t exactly the same, but similar functionality is available in X2.0.1 Mac and X2.0.2 Win. 

Alternatively, you can get that drag and drop functionality by manually first creating a new library to use as a temp.  Do your searches there and  then drag and drop between the two windows.

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