Grouping references question in Endnote X2

Grouping references question in Endnote X2:

All References (673)
Custom Groups
Divers (17)
Ergonomie (28)
Ergothérapie (27)
Médical (33)
Non classées (0)
Nutrition (6)
Orthèses (3)
Thérapie de la main (177)
Thèse CEO (362)

How come, I have a total of 673 referecences, but if I add the Custom Groups, it give me only 668.

There are 5 references that are only in All References. Is there a way to find which one ???


JRA, I think this is something that will be included in the next version of Endnote. In X2 you can find which Groups a particular reference belongs to, but there’s no easy way to find which references belong to no Groups.

You’d have to check them one by one, and I wouldn’t fancy doing that with 673 references!


 Until they provide the functionality - a work around.  --go into each group and select all, and use the “change and move fields” option to add a word to an unused field.  The search for the references that don’t have that word in the field.

Here’s another clunky workaround.

Make a copy of your library. Choose the first group. Select all references in that group and delete them from the library. Continue until you have worked through all the groups. You should be left with the ungrouped references.

This is something that we are hoping to include in EndNote X3.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Tank’s for all your answers !!!



In Technical Support we have developed a plugin for EndNote X2 so it can display references that are currently not in any groups that we use.  Fortunately we are able to make this plugin available for our EndNote X2 users to use.  Before using or installing the plugin you should make sure that you have current backup copies of your EndNote libraries.  The plugin is provided as-is and we can not provide technical support for it.  If you do have any issues using the plugin, please post those questions/issues to the forum.

You can download the plugin for both Mac and Windows from this URL:

Macintosh Installation:

  1. Close EndNote

  2. Copy the file Unfiled.bundle from the Mac folder to your “/Applications/EndNote X2/Plugins” folder.

Windows Installation:

  1. Close EndNote

  2. Copy the file Unfiled.dll from the Windows folder to your “C:\Program Files\EndNote X2\Plugins” folder.

Using the plugin:
First make sure that you have a recent backup copy of your library.  Open your library and go to “Tools > Unfiled References” to have it look for references not currently assigned to a Custom Group or Smart Group.  A new “Unfiled” group will appear and it will contain all of the references not in a group.

Delete the Unfiled.dll/Unfiled.bundle file from the Plugins folder.

This will only work with EndNote X2, it will not load a menu entry in “Tools” for any other version of EndNote.

For those who check MD5 sums of files downloaded, the MD5 sum is 41d2d3ad03e9170969d6606905a4f13f

If after using the plugin you do feel like this is a feature you would like to have added to a future version of EndNote you would want to submit a request at:

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Thank you, Peter.

This is a great news for me; I use Group function a lot to categorize my ~6000 entries.

Best regards

The plug-in is working at least in my X2.0.1/XP pro systems. I like it because I can now find references that do not belong to any groups. Very easy to use. However, it is a simple task plug-in, and nothing else is done with this. What I actually want is a search function that allows me to find references, like “belong to group A, but not to B” or “belong to group A and B”. That’s the function I want for future versions.

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Tank’s a lot for that new plugin. :smileyvery-happy: