EndNote X6 produces file with ZERO references after uncompressing

Here’s the situation:

I create a compressed EndNote library

I copied that .enlx file to a new location
I Opened EndNote and then closed the last opened file
I Opened the .enlx file
When the process was complete, the EndNote X6 window displayed only the menu bar.  None of the other windows appeared
I closed EndNote and re-opened it
I selected the “new” .enl" library, which contained 0 references.  I’m told this is the expectected behaviour and that the references in the .enlx file will be restored when I make a modification to the new .enl file
I created a new reference and saved it
I closed the library and then re-opened the library.
The re-opened library contained ONLY the new reference, NOT the complete set.

Now, if I copied the .enlx file to a completely new location (i.e. one that hadn’t previous hosted an EndNote .enlx file), then it all works fine.  I’d like some guidance here as it is not feasible to go to a different folder everytime I make a change and need to synchronise my library across multiple PCs.

I’m running windows 7 Home premium on one PC and professional on another, and Word 2010.

This is definitely not the expected behavior.

Where is your original library located, and when you copied the ENLX file into a different folder, where was this folder located? An EndNote library will not work properly if it is stored anywhere in the Program Files or Program Files (X86) folders. Dropbox or other similar folders will also cause a problem.

It is also possible that there is a problem with the library. As a test close the library and click on Tools > Recover Library. Click on OK in response to the message and then select your library. Does it recover any references? If it recovers zero records you can contact Technical Support for assistance with recovering the library.

If you are running EndNote X6 on your computers you can also take advantage of EndNote X6’s sync feature.

You can go to www.endnote.com/kb/122170 for information about this.

In response, the original libraries which displayed the problem reported in my post were in sub folders of my “My Documents” folder, NOT in “Program files” or “Program Files (X86)” folders.

As an aside, this is NOT the first time I’ve had problems with this “feature” of EndNote.  From an end user’s perspective, it seems buggy and particularly un-user friendly.  Reinforcing this view is the fact that when the .enlx file is copied into a folder which has NEVER previously had an EndNote library in it, it works fine, with the 676 references in my file ALL being visible IMMEDIATELY after the decompression.

 Note also that there have been occasions where I have DELETED the folder into which the .enlx file has been decompressed (i.e. the folder in which the .enl file and associated folders are located) yet I’m prompted to ask whether I wish to overwrite the existing .enl file.  This is odd behaviour, as there is NO .enl file in that folder.