Copy endnote library

Hey! I’m trying to copy my endnote library from one computer to an other. I’ve read the earlier messages in the forum and already found out that I have to compress the library on the stick to copy it. I did that and worked. But the library doesn’t open on the other computer. I always get the message “error: generic”. What can I do? Is there some kind of trick how to open the compressed file in endnote to make references available?

Thanks in advance!

I assume by “compress library” you are using the command from the File menu list in endnote, and not just a compression file system like WinZip or a Mac equivalent.  You are trying to move an “library”.enlx file right?

Can you open another library on that machine? You don’t say what system you are using, version, etc.  First read over this FAQ.  Make sure the .enlx file  isn’t too deep in the file/folder structure (although I don’t know if that would trigger this particular error) especially if the attached PDFs have long file names. 

Hey! Thanks for answering so fast.

I’m using endnote 9 for windows on the computer I’m trying to transfer it to. The originate computer is a Mac and I’m using Parallel Desktop (so endnote for windows). It says “endnote X1”.

I indeed have an .enlx file on the stick from the File menu list in endnote, is that the right way to do it?

I’m saving the file on the desktop, than I open endnote, ‘create a new library’ and choose the file from the desktop. Than the error occurs. There is no other library on this computer yet…

I hope that sufficient information (that’s what I got from FAQ)?

The compressed library function was only introduced in EndNote X.

If you want to transfer your library to a machine with EndNote 9, you need to copy the .enl file and the DATA folder. Transfer them both to the same folder on the EndNote 9 machine, and you should be able to open the .enl file. If you don’t have the data folder, I think the .enl file would open, but it would be empty.

Good catch John.  So EN9 probably can’t open an enlx file anyway. You will need both the enl and the .DATA folder and contents.  I recommend you upgrade to X3 - a much improved program over EN9 anyway, (and if previous years version release times hold, I suspect X4 will be out very soon, and you may want to ask if you would get it, if you bought X3 so close to the release).  Also, EN9 might not work with your current Word version very well. 

EndNote version X4 for Windows will be available by the end of June. If you buy a copy of version X3 now, you will be eligible for a free upgrade to X4 when it is available; you would simply need to show your proof of purchase date.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team