Endnote X7 - Find full text function no longer working

Hi, all Endnote users at our organisation are experieincing a problem with the find full text function.

After authenticating Endnote appears to be searching as per usual but it is only finding a few references (of thousands) - it normally finds a 1/3 to a 1/2 of all refs.

Besides settings in firewalls or antivirus we have no idea what could be casusing this as it’s a new problem. We have recently updated to X7 form X6 but had no problems initially.

The datatbases we search are usually OVID, Medline, Ebsco etc.

Any leads would be appreciated, Thanks

I do not have a solution, but I do have the same problem.

Since updating endnote to X7 on my (work) mac, it fails very regurlarly to find full texts while it did not use to.

A suggestion on how to solve this issue would be much appreciated.


Same here, you are not alone. Can anyone from the support team provide some help?