Endnote X7 won't uniinstall

I have attempted to uninstall Endnote X7 several times before installing Endnote X8, but every time I restart my PC Endnote X7 has reinstalled itself. 

Why is this happening? Have I missed something in the uninstallation process, or is there a bug with X8 that makes this happen? Is there a fix?

My PC is operating Windows 7.


is it your PC or a PC issued by a company or a university ?

If this is the case it could be that they have certain protections enameled that prevent you from uninstalling programs or installing them.

If it`s your own pc just go to the installation folder and delete it manually.

Hope it helps somehow.

Thanks for the answer.

It’s a university pc, so I suppose I should check with our IT, but this is the only version upgrade that this has been an issue.